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si-ri are producers of individual, functional advertising products together with organisational products for our customers, using water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive technology. The development of our pressure-sensitive adhesive products began over 15 years ago with standard sticky notes which were a great success. Today, si-ri is one of the world’s leading producers of printed sticky notes, operating on the international advertising material market for over 25 years. The main focus of our activity is our business with printed sticky notes and related products but the continual development of new applications for our own adhesive technology as demonstrated by our new range of film products which includes mouse-pads and memoboards demonstrates our expertise. In the international arena, we cooperate with a large number of production partners who sell our end products independently. Thanks to the continuous exchange of information, we are close to the market worldwide and can pick up on interesting product ideas and make them accessible to our customers.

We own three running productions (Lichtensteig in Switzerland, Verona in Italy and Zagreb in Croatia). We are proud to manufacture customer oriented, ecological, successful and to generate jobs in this areas.

An important component is to sell and produce environmental friendly products. As one of the only producers worldwide we can offer printed FSC® paper sticky notes or recycled sticky notes, obtaining our raw material from EU companies, to ensure eco friendly paper. With the use of notestec our internal machine building company, we are able to manufacture unique products. In over 40 countries worldwide our successful partner testify for a strong alliance.

We place great importance on quality with all our products, not only ensuring optimum paper and adhesive properties but also achieving the best possible result for you in terms of layout and printing finding our service is another important factor in our success. Strengths include giving advice on selecting the appropriate product for a specific project, ideas for the development and implementation of special productions as well as swiftness and customer-friendliness.

In short, if you are looking for an attractive advertising or organisational product based on pressure-sensitive adhesive technology, quickly supplied in a friendly manner and at compeditiver prices, si-ri is the company for you.